What is Private Labeling?

-Private Labeling is when the product is manufactured under your companies brand. In other words…the manufacture will make a generic version of the product and you (the retailer) can make any changes you want and stamp your company logo on the product and packaging so it is sold exclusively under your company name. Costco is a perfect example of how they private label their “Kirkland” brand. Using this method is generally rewards a higher ROI (Return On Investment) as long as you are marketing properly to build customers trust in your brand.

Your Product. Your Brand. Your Business.

Build your brand by having the product manufactured with your logo on it. Either you design it or we can do it for you. Or check out our White Label Program below to see if that’s a better fit for your business.

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What is White Labeling?

-White Labeling is when a generic product is manufactured and then distributes it to a large number of retailers without altering the product in any way. The retailer then stamps their logo on the product/packaging. This method allows you to resell products from trusted brands that already exist. Therefore it’s a simpler and quicker process but your profit margins might not be as big compared to Private Labeling. Generally this is a method to get products sold quickly under a brand people already trust.

Your Product. Their Trusted Brand. Your Business.

Get sales right away by having a company, who already has customers, put their logo on the product. In other words, we’ll provide you a list of products that we have already researched and know are selling well. You place your order and have it shipped to our warehouse, and we’ll put our logo on it, pack and ship it to Amazon FBA.