Product Niche Research

Not sure what to sell? We offer a few product researching tools to help you get started…

Tool #1: KWFinder

-[sg_popup id=”86″ event=”click”]Click here[/sg_popup] to watch a short video on how the KWFinder tool can help you find the right niche.

Tool #2: Google Trends

-By selecting the category with the plus (+) symbol, a dropdown menu will appear with a few product ideas relative to that specific category. Click on any of the products within that category to see realtime analytics powered by Google Shopping Trends.

Tool #3: SERP’s Product Research Database

-Another helpful tool to help you brainstorm the demand for specific products is the SERP’s Product Research tool (Search Engine Results Page). Click the button to try it out.

Other great TOOLS to help you sell better:


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