6 reasons WHY your business NEEDS a website

1.) Multiple streams of income

There is nothing better than your business having the ability to generate income through multiple channels as opposed to relying on just one. The reason is quite simple. Lets say you have a slower than average day in sales on Amazon, but your products listed on your Website get twice as many sales than usual. Therefore, your website made up for it.

2.) Building trust

It’s proven that having a beautifully designed website builds trust from your customers. If you take care of your website with proper attention, that must mean you treat your clients with the same technique.

3.) Worldwide Sales

There are certain marketplaces in which can restrict you from selling your products or services in certain regions. By having your own website, you can expand your business globally because you’re the boss and can set your own rules.

4.) Decreases operating costs

Building an eCommerce website requires very little capital compared to having a storefront business. Plus you aren’t restricted in selling in a set location. Furthermore, having a website can be fully automated so you don’t have to lift a finger…which saves you time and money so the business can run on it’s own.

5.) Increases customer base

Instead of selling your products in one marketplace, having a website you are opening your store to the world. In a way, you have a company that is open 24/7 without you being glued to your computer or stuck in the office all hours of the night.

6.) Reduces competition

On various marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, there are many other competitors who are selling the same or similar products. Selling on your own platform reduces the distraction of price wars and increases the volume of your sales.